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KARA on the cover of the promotional single for their anime series. Left to right: Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyoung, Hara, Seungyeon

KARA (카라, カラ) was a South Korean idol group formed by DSP Media in 2007 and disbanded in 2016. The group has gone through various member changes, but the most famous lineup consists of members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Nicole Jung, and Kang Jiyoung. The name KARA is derived from the Greek word χαρά (chara, literally "joy"), which was interpreted by them as "sweet melody".

Debuted in 2007, KARA is set to become the successor of DSP Media's own Fin.K.L. As such, their first single Break It and their first album The First Blooming, had a more mature, R&B sound. Unfortunately, it was not well-received by the public and member Kim Sunghee had to leave due to parental pressure. Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung are then brought in to replace Sunghee. With it, KARA also reinvents themselves with "pretty but natural" concept.

KARA bounced back with the release of their second album Rock U in 2008, and the number one song Honey in 2009. Later in the same year, they released their next album Revolution. The album featured hit single Mister which featured a "butt dance" choreography and shook East Asia by storm. KARA's consequent single releases: Lupin (2010), Jumping (2010), Step (2011), and Pandora (2012), helped them established KARA's name as a prominent force in Hallyu wave movement. KARA also had a big following in Japan, even being made into short anime series.

In 2014, Nicole and Jiyoung decided not to renew their contract to pursue a solo career: Nicole as a solo artist, and Jiyoung as an actress in Japan. Following their departure, DSP Media airs Kara Project reality show on TV to find a new member for KARA. Seven DSP Media trainees participated, and Heo Youngji is selected to join KARA. Unfortunately, original members Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara also decided not to renew their contract. Youngji is then allowed to resume her career as a solo artist; thus effectively disbanding KARA for good.

Throughout their career, KARA has released the following album.


  • The First Blooming (2007)
  • Revolution (2009)
  • Girl's Talk (2010)
  • Step (2011)
  • Super Girl (2011)
  • Girls Forever (2012)
  • Fantastic Girls (2013)
  • Full Bloom (2013)
  • Girl's Story (2015)


  • Kara (2008)
  • Pretty Girl (2008)
  • Lupin (2010)
  • Jumping (2010)
  • Pandora (2012)
  • Day & Night (2014)
  • In Love (2015)


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