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I am Kyle Ward, ReRave is the best music game the world has ever seen! This makes Technika looks like KIDZ BOP!!!
I am Kyle Ward, ReRave is the best music game the world has ever seen! This makes Technika looks like KIDZ BOP!!!

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I am Kyle Ward, ReRave is the best music game the world has ever seen! This makes Technika looks like KIDZ BOP!!!

I’m from Vancouver WA in the United States of America. I’m heavily into Electronic Music, Exergaming and interactive entertainment. (a fancy way of saying videogames)

When I’m not working and/or producing music, I enjoy: Competitive Swimming, Diving, Racquetball, Spelunking, Zip-lining ATV’ing, Chess, and Electronics. Most of all I like to travel and enjoy life as much as possible!

Thank you for visiting my site and showing interest in my projects. Please feel free to contact me or ask me a question via the FAQ section of the site. It’s always nice to meet new people and get feedback on any topic found here. Website Kyle Ward – WEBSITE Facebook Kyle Ward – FACEBOOK Ustream Kyle Ward – USTREAM Twitter Kyle Ward – TWITTER Myspace Kyle Ward – MYSPACE


Kyle Ward’s (KaW, Banzai, Smiley, Inspector K, KeeL) productions have been featured on websites such as: MP3.com, Ampcast.com, Audiostreet.net, Sonic Bids.com, CDbaby.com, Flash Flash revolution.com, Stepmania.com,. My music has been part of dance games such as: In The Groove, In The Groove2, Pump It Up Pro, IDANCE.

My CD releases include:

"CaddyWhompus" 1999 (mp3.com), "Synthsations" 2003 (ampcast.com), "Urban Comatose" 2006 (CDbaby.com), "Oscillator X - TECHNO * TECHYES" 2009 SCI Recordings "Oscillator X - Silicon Samurai 2010 SCI Recordings

Musical Influences:

   European Dance/Pop & Electronic music
   ATC (A Touch of Class)
   Chris Cox
   David Bowie
   Eiffel 65
   E-rotic – (Lyane Leigh; David Brandes)
   Fantasy Project
   Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook)
   Gunther & The Sunshine Girls
   Holger Lagerfeldt
   Me & My
   Miss Papaya (Linnéa Handberg)
   Mr. President
   Nathalie Aarts
   Nick Ferrando
   Robert Uhlmann
   Robin Rex
   Sash! (Sasha Lappessen)
   Scatman John
   Smile.DK (older productions only)
   The Prodigy
   (many others NOT listed)

Noteable achievements:

- Music Director/Engineer/Step content management of Positive Gaming “iDANCE Version2″ interactive Exergaming dance game series (Fitness/Health) — www.idancegame.com

- Music Producer/Audio engineer/Content Manager of “Pump It Up PRO” Dance game series (Arcade) — http://www.andamiro.com

- Music Producer/Audio engineer/Content Manager of “In The Groove” Dance game series (Arcade/PS2/PC&MAC) — http://www.inthegroove.com

- Synthsations – #1 selling CD of all time– http://www.ampcast.com

Kyle Ward Production Studios 2007

Digital Audio Workstation

Quadcore Intel q6600 Processor 3.0GHz (custom built) 2 GB of DDR800 Ram 10k 150gig System Harddrive 1TB Audio Harddrive EMU 1820m - 24-bit, A/D 192kHz converters 18 audio inputs and 20 outputs

Video Editing Workstation

Apple G5 2Gz Final Cut Pro 4

Studio Hardware

Access Virus TI Polar Edirol UM-880 Interface’s Eletrix Warpfactory EMU Orbit3 w/Planet Earth & Xtreme Lead General Music Equinox 61 Korg MicroKorg Korg MicroX Korg EMX Electribe Novation SuperNOVA2 ProX 48 Roland Fantom X6 Roland JP8080 Roland MC909 Groovebox Roland TB303 Roland XV-5050 Roland XV-5080 Yamaha CS2X

Studio Software:

Ableton Live Antares Autotune Crysonic FX Bundle IK Media Sampletank 2 XL Native Instruments FM7 Novation V-Station ReFX Slayer2 ReFX Vangaurd ReFX Nexus 2 Spectrasonics Atmosphere Sony Soundforge 9 Sony Acid Pro 6 Sonic Maximizer

Monitoring Behringer Truth B2031A Studio Monitors Sony 7506 Koss TD-80 Altec Lansing 5.1 Surround