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Ladder Mode lobby. A player will be ranked into specific tiers and divisions for each button mode based on their ability against others.

Ladder Mode is a brand new Online Mode for DJMAX RESPECT V. It is the first time in the franchise's history that a ranked real-time multiplayer mode has been included, and is one of two modes of online play in V, with Open Mode being the alternative. This mode was beta tested from February 20-24, 2020.

Ladder Mode is currently in Pre-Season as of the official launch of V.


Ladder Mode features four modes that compliment each style of button play (4, 5, 6 and 8 respectively). Players can select one or multiple modes to queue and will be paired against a player in one of the modes. As of April 28, 2020, a special "All Button" mode was added, which allows for song picks from mixed modes (rather than being limited to one button mode). This mode is not permanent and it is currently unknown if it will be permanent in the future.


In Ladder Mode, a player will get matched against other players of a similar skill rank in a 1 vs.1, best of 3 battle. Both players will be presented with a list of five songs to choose from and each player can select one song to veto (known as card draw). The remaining three songs will be played, with the third song being a tiebreaker if necessary. All songs are played with no fever, allowing for a consistent maximum score of 350,000. Song picks are determined within a random level range, based on their current rank. The higher both players are ranked, the more difficult the level selection will be.

There are multiple scenarios in which a tiebreaker can occur. A tiebreaker match will always utilize a harder judgement, depending on the scenario:

  • Both players tie on the first song, the second song will be used as a tiebreaker and played on Hard Judgement.
  • A player wins the first song and the opponent wins the second song. The third song will be used as a tiebreaker and played on Hard Judgement.
  • Both players tie on a Hard Judgement tiebreaker. The song will be replayed on MAX Judgement. This will repeat until players no longer tie.

The winning player will gain LP (Ladder Points) while the losing player will lose LP. Amount of LP gained/lost is dependent on your opponent's rank. A win against a higher ranked opponent will grant more LP while a loss against a lower ranked opponent will lose more LP.

Placement and Ranks

Ladder Mode leaderboard. The Top 100 players for each mode will be visible along with their rank, total matches and wins, and other data visible when highlighting their name. A player's personal rank will be displayed below the Top 100 leaderboard

On a player's first time in Ladder Mode, they will start Unranked. The player will need to play five matches against a bot to determine a placement on the Ladder for each button mode individually. Placement is determined by how well the player did against the bot, with higher value added to consistent Perfect Plays and wins against the bot.

After playing the five placement matches in a button mode, the player will be placed into one of the following tiers:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The following tiers cannot be reached by placements and will require winning matches against live opponents to reach:

  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grand Master

Within each tier there are four divisions: IV, III, II and I, with IV being the lowest division and I being the highest division.Each division is determined by an LP value of 0-100, where reaching a new division requires gaining 100 LP from matches. Losing matches can result in a division demotion if the player falls below the 0 LP threshold. However, it is not known if a player can be demoted to a lower tier if enough matches are lost.

Upon reaching 100 LP in division I, a special promotion division will appear. In order to be promoted to the next tier, the player must win three of five matches during a promotion division. If three matches are lost, the player will be reset to division I with 0 LP.

Promotion divisions apply for every tier up to Master, with the Diamond to Master promotion being the final division. Master rank does not contain separate divisions and has an infinite LP cap. In order to achieve Grand Master, the player must be a top 5 Master ranked player, determined by amount of LP the player holds. The Grand Master ranks are recalculated daily, allowing Master ranked players who earned the most LP to push current Grand Masters out of the rank.

For ranks Gold and below, players can be matched against a bot, where the match will be treated as a standard match for LP or promotions. For ranks Platinum and above, players will only be matched with live opponents.

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