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DJMAX Technika's Eyecatch for Landscape.

Song Information

  • Composer: Tsukasa
  • Genre: Melodic Trance
  • Visualization: KIMYS
  • BPM: 140
  • Length: 1:38

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Song Description


  • Tari's [blog] makes a mention to Landscape (in the form of an Eyecatch art piece) under the year '2006', although the art presented is completely different. It is unknown if the reference is to a completely different song, or if the art was for this song but never used.
  • It is said that KIMYS took 9 months to make this song's BGA.
  • In DJMAX Portable 3, when the mission glitch is done, this song's disc will appear as a filler.
  • Dream of Winds is the sequel to this song.


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