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DJMAX Technika's Eyecatch for Love Mode.

Song Information

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)


DJMAX Version

Everybody needs somebody to kiss
And everybody wants their moment to be true
We are all just living in this time of our lives

This love was like being in a fantasy
It was the time only for you and I
But time has passed so does our love
So does our time it's true

If you listen, you are all that I've ever wanted now I
whisper, my words are not promising but
Let me, be settling down on you forever ever

Vexed and stressed out
Gotta confess now
Fallen angel's with no where to nest out,
Pull my chest out try my best to breathe
But I'm frantic it must be my asthmatic destiny
They say, yo it's best to leave your
fate to the U-N-I Verse
Do and die first, why u and I curse the heavens,
God will never know
It might be the time of your life, gotta let it go

Song Description

  • Clazziquai Edition - One of soft song from Clazziquai. Tablo who is the rapper of Epik High helped vocal out for this song.


  • Love Mode's Special Pattern was used to fill the gap Hard to Start SP left on International builds. As a result, it appeared on International Build's Special Courses 3 courses/months (Special Course 4) earlier than Korea's. Access SP assumed the place Love Mode left on Special Course 7.
  • There are at least five versions of Love Mode exists today.
    • The original version appeared in the remix album Pinch Your Soul, featuring rap segment by Tablo from Epik High.
    • First remix version appeared in the Love Mode EP, featuring rap segment by Verbal from m-flo.
    • The extended, slightly altered version of the remix above appeared in the album Robotica.
    • Also in the same album, exist the remix of the remix version.
    • The Love Mode in Clazziquai Edition seems to be an altered, shortened version of the Love Mode EP/Robotica Love Mode but with Tablo's rap lines. Apart from the Album notes, Tablo is left uncredited on the eyecatches.
  • Coincidentally, Love Mode's BGA is mixed from the original version's music video.


Technika Eyecatches

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