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DJMAX Technika's Eyecatch of Lover

Song Information


  • After debuting on Clazziquai, Black Square revisited the song with a different arrangement.
  • Black Square OST has an Extended Version (3:24) of the above.
  • An additional, seperate RD Mix also exists on Black Square.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Do you wanna take me, love me, I can't stay. What a lucky day
Check this baby one more time.

I don't really want U feel so bad
U never ask me why
U wanna break it down Come on

Hey Girls. Want U (to) stay with me
Love is gonna making some mistakes.
Hey boys. Watch and stare at me
fell in love with U and Everything that U R

Oh Baby Don't leave me Call Baby
All I want is lover hey lover
I want to see Mr. (He) wants to be called him baby
All I want is lover hey lover
I can see so many girls, But I'll be your special.
Well, I'm never falling in love like this anymore.
Oh baby, Don't Stop it (I) don't wanna make another lover.

Song Description

  • Clazziquai Edition - More soft than Lover on DJMAX PORTABLE BLACK SQUARE
  • Black Square - More hardcore that Lover on DJMAX PORTABLE CLAZZIQUAI EDITION


  • Clazziquai Edition's album mode features the original version of the song as an audio track
  • TECHNIKA uses the BLACK SQUARE version of the song.
  • As demonstrated above, the description for Clazziquai Edition and Black Square calls each other out by stating that their version is more soft/hardcore than the other.


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