Luv Yourself

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DJMAX Technika Tune's Eyecatch for Luv Yourself.

Song Information

  • Composer: ND Lee
  • Genre: Club Dang
  • Visualization: moolu, woodstock
  • Vocals: Chan-Hwi So
  • BPM: 105
  • Length: 1:43


Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


한 번뿐인 인생이잖아 누구보다 너를 사랑해 이 세상 무엇보다 더

바로 이 순간 너에게 온 너만의 세상을 느끼며 살아가

One to the two to the three and to the four

You ready to rock the house and groove your body on the floor

Let's take another trip to place up ahead

I'll take you through a journey never imagined in your head

It's like setting a bliss on memory lane

We're going back in time, so you better maintain

Your sanity, Let's leave the vanity behind

I wanna see the two of us mentality aligned

Cause life's no short to be wasted with desires

I wanna make the best of it and take you a little higher

All you gotta do is open your eyes and see

that everything surrounding us is everything we need

Music makes me higher

Set this rhythm on fire

Get them hands up hugh y'all

Well I'll take you up there light up

Song Description


  • The BGA of this song was leaked at Youtube many years before the song was officially released at Technika TUNE. It was intended to be a song for Metro Project (as implied by the "Two Double O Eight" vocals at the intro) but was held off for unknown reasons. Disc images for this song also exists at Technika 2 and 3's websites.
  • The TUNE version of this song is slightly different from the leaked version with the "Two Double O Eight" vocals removed.

Media$ Leaked BGA