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M2U and his wife NICODE.

M2U (real name Shin Dong Hui 신동휘; also known as ReX and SPHAZER) is a South Korean music composer. He is one of the oldest South Korean rhythm game musician still active to this date. The name M2U is likely an abbreviation of Music 2 yoU.

His participation in DJMAX games can be traced to the beginning of DJMAX Online. His qualities are his genre versatility, although nowadays he focused on electronic and dance music. M2U participated in lots of DJMAX games up until DJMAX Technika 2, but recently appeared again in DJMAX RESPECT with the song Frontline.

Aside from composing, M2U also sing and raps his own song. This was happened around early DJMAX games, where as the time goes he rarely does so.

M2U also provided songs for various games such as O2JAM U, EZ2DJ, SuperStar SMTOWN, Cytus, and Deemo. On the two latter games, M2U met another composer NICODE with whom later he marry. Although NICODE hasn't appeared in DJMAX games, her lyric works can be found in Frontline, which appeared in DJMAX RESPECT as a part of Girls' Frontline DLC.


M2U Portable 2 logo.

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