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Welcome to the Cypher Gate Wiki; The best source of DJMAX information on the internet.
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About Cypher Gate Wiki

As it says above, welcome to Cypher Gate Wiki. This wiki is intended to be a one-stop source for DJMAX information. This is not intended to be a replacement for the various DJMAX Wikipedia articles, GameFAQs guides, etc. While the information on those sites will probably also eventually become available on CGWiki, the primary purpose of this site is something more than merely a game guide, while not being constrained by the various (i.e. non-significance) rules of Wikipedia.

Like a particular song and wondering if its composer has stuff outside the DJMAX franchise? Who knows, it could be available on iTunes. Infatuated with Suee from I Want You and want to see if the Visual Artist has had any more recent works? Check out the respective pages. Wondering what the lyrics to some of the songs are, and/or translations? Go for it. (As an aside, translators to/from Korean are highly sought after)

As of now, vital game information is still being compiled and sorted into their respective categories/pages. Please create a user account and help us! Read this before contributing. And enjoy your stay.

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