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Composer Stub

Born June 29th 1972 in Sapporo, Japan, Makoto Yamaguchi has had a long history with both video game music as well as non-video game musical pursuits.

In terms of DJMAX, makou has been a prolific and versatile addition to the franchise's palette of music for a long time. Composing everything from Big Band Jazz to R&B Gospel, to Psychedelic Trance, and everything in between, makou recently put the proverbial cherry on his 15-flavor cake with a Reggaeton offering in Technika 2.

His deep professional and personal interest in royalty-free samples and music sharing is perhaps reflected in his usage from time to time of Zero-G's vocal sample libraries, Vocal Foundry and Vocal Forge in his DJMAX compositions. (e.g. Right Now, Put Em Up)


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