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DJMAX Technika's Eyecatch for Melody.

Song Information


  • The original, laid-back version (sung in Japanese, 4:43) is included on both Black Square and Technika OSTs
  • UC remixed this song into a more upbeat number for DJMAX. The original full length remix (2:38) can be found on Technika OST
  • There is another remix version by mirawi can be found in the original bermei.inazawa album.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


  • Black Square OST Liner Notes

둘만의 엘로디

어느 것 하나 의미없던 나 매일배일 떡같은
그런 내 곁에 나가와준 네가 있어 읏던 나
보잘 것 없는 풍경들도 네가 바꿔 주었지
고마윘어 내 이런 마음 알잖아

항상 둘이라고 해도 슬픈 일들은 싫른걸
눈뮬이 나도 그래도 네가 있어 다행이야

가억나잖아 우리가 했던 약속들 빛나던 우리의 눈물이
지나간 상처가 있대도 내 맘 언제나 너만 보여
들려오잖아 너와 함께나면 언제나 들리는 둘만의 멜로디
너와 나 둘이서 하께한 행복을 언제나 마음속에서 느끼고 싰은걸

둘만의 멜로디
너와의 멜로디

  • bermei.inazawa Album Liner Notes


果てしない この空に広がる ふたりだけのメロディ
はるか遠く 時を越えて 今も変わらずに響いてるよ

何ひとつ 変わらない毎日だけど
すぐそばに 微笑む君がいたから
何気ない 景色も色づいていた
ありがとうとその手に ふれた

でも 不意に襲う悲しみのリズム
別れの予感を 感じてるから?

※ 忘れない あのときの約束 光る君の涙
いくら傷ついても この胸に残るよ
終わらない 物語は続く ふたりだけのメロディ
はるか遠く 時を越えて 今も変わらずに感じてるよ

昨日から 降りつづく憂鬱な雨も
人ごみで 疲れちゃういつもの街も
君だけは ステキな出来事だって
うれしそうに笑って みせた

でも 抜け出せない切なさのリズム
さよならのキスを 覚えてるから?

戻れない あのときの約束 濡れた君の頬に
ふれようとしたけれど それをさせなかった
果てしない この空に広がる ふたりだけのメロディ
はるか遠く 時を越えて 今も変わらずに響いてるよ

絶え間ない さよならの痛みに ふたり抱き合った
目を閉じれば浮かぶ やわらかな唇

Song Description

  • Clazziquai Edition - Opening title song for DJMAX Portable with new remix, and new background animation.


  • The BGA is based on baseball.
  • The cat was strategically positioned over the first Black Square PSP wallpaper compared to its Clazziquai Edition counterpart.
  • The genre was originally simply just "Pop" in Clazziquai Edition.
  • This song, along with Secret World and Drum Town, is one of the three songs based on sports.


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