Mike Blunck

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Mike Blunck
Mike B XONiC THE LiVE.jpg
Real Name Michael Blunck
Other Name(s) Mike B
Born 1976, USA
Nationality American
Years Active 2008-present
Genre(s) Hip-hop

Michael "Mike B" Blunck is an American athlete, actor, and rapper. He landed his first acting role in South Korea on the drama series Assorted Gems and New Tales of Gisaeng. In both drama series, he played a Buddhist monk named Kyle Huntington. He is also a wakeboarder and kiteboarder.

Blunck used to live in South Korea for 15 years while serving for Eighth United States Army in Pyongtaek. His life changed when an audition call for a drama series came in. In his early career, Blunck faced great difficulties fitting in. He had to study the Korean language hard while facing criticism of casting Western actors in local Korean drama. Fortunately, he seems to cope well with the pressure and now has been pretty fluent in Korean. Immediately he became a household name and made a buzz in Korean media.

As a rapper, Blunck is mostly active on video game scene. He mostly works with Pentavision to produce songs for DJMAX and S4 League games. It is unknown how he made contact with Pentavision staffs, but he made his first appearance at the DJMAX Live Miracle.

His style of rapping is a lyrical rapper. He is able to rap in high speed, even faster than what JC could do. Blunck is also capable of freestyle rap and beatbox. His ability to rap fast makes him suitable for hardcore and nu-metal songs, which combines rock and hip-hop. Planetboom and Mr.Funky are Blunck's frequent collaborators, where they produced songs befitting his rapping style.


Mike Blunck while promoting his drama series.

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