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Miya recording Memory of Wind.

Miya (real name Lee Haeng Mi 이행미) is a South Korean singer. She has been with DJMAX since its first inception, and making her one of the central figures in the franchise.

She started to sing for rhythm games since EZ2DJ era, with songs such as Aquaris and Lovely Days, respectively composed by Croove and ND Lee (back then known as Andy Lee). Later she moved on to DJMAX and has been inseparable from the series ever since. Miya holds the record for the most featured female vocalist in DJMAX history. This stems from her flexibility of working with various composers suchn as Croove, ND Lee, Forte Escape, BEXTER, Sweetune, and especially Planetboom.

Miya has a low tone yet sweet voice, making her sounds like a smooth whisper. She can still hit higher notes, but compared to other veteran DJMAX vocalist So Fly it's still a far cry. Despite that, Miya managed to be the face of DJMAX songs, being a voice that is easily recognizeable by fans.

On March 7, 2009, Planetboom announced his marriage with fellow DJMAX collaborator, vocalist Miya. Songs such as Lovely Hands and especially Raise Me Up displayed a great extent of their chemistry.


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