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ND Lee.

ND Lee is one of the longest serving contributors to the DJMAX franchise, and his relationship with the core team dates back even to the Ez2DJ era (under the alias Andy Lee).

His works span a wide range of genres, from House to 2-step, to Metal. When his tracks' vocals are sung in English they typically are some of the most convincingly 'western' performances of the franchise, along with Ruby Tuesday's vocalist LEAH and 3rd Coast. (The lyrics themselves are, however, prime-grade Engrish at times)

One of the minor quirks of his works is that the tracks almost always have Long Versions, which are bundled on the OSTs (On the older Portable games, the OSTs don't even have the game-length cuts, they are simply replaced by the longer versions) which is a nice touch. ND Lee's devotion to getting the album-length cuts out to DJMAX fans was vindicated when his Y extended version (based on the Black Square edit) was included in Technika 2 as a playable track.

He also wrote Yo! Max! which was the overall 'theme song' for DJMAX for some time.


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