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DJMAX Technika Tune 2's Eyecatch for Nick Max.

Song Information

  • Composer: Homestead
  • Genre: Awkward
  • Visualization: SVGL
  • BPM: 300
  • Length: 1:23:456 DO IT

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika 2 are also in Nick Max's house unless proven otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Only T3 at the arcade, I have an old T2 machine though... It's not, and why are you all making fun of my name? I didn't ask for that name! Also, my dj name (the unabridged version) is DARKDEATH98, my screen name is LostSoul (basically what I feel like right now). It's really frustrating when people make fun of me, really, am I just a target to you?! Or are you looking at me to make yourselves look better?! And that has nothing to do with what I just said. I want some answers damnit! Why does everybody laugh at me and put me down?!

I ain't selling it, it's my only cool posession. Maybe for 500 grand... I have no way to do that. Why don't we just forget this and have you people stop teasing me, okay? Ultimately, I don't want too many people seeing what I look like...

Honestly, can people stop antagonizing me, believe me, I've already considered kiilling my self once from all this negative energy around me, you aren't helping, bastards... I brought it up to make you see how much I really don't want this stuff to continue... Fine, now can everybody stop teasing me? Bullying is really mean...

I have no reason to believe you're lying, my basis for not beleiving people is that there's no reason to believe that they are lying. I know that's a little lax when it comes to be cautious, but whatever...

I want to connect with people who are into Technika and other music games in general. The problem is, ever since about two weeks ago, people have been making fun of me, and constantly teasing me, I want to know why I am so popular on the board for all the wrong reasons, I never did anything to make you hate me, so why are people causing me to be the target of teasing? I don't mind if people laught at me, but why do they feel the need to make others join in? I realize that, but to be honest, I really don't know why you need to make fun of me. I really can't understand all the hostility towards me because of things in the past, what's done is don, what's said is said, it can't be erased, but it can be forgotten... I know it's for the wrong reasons. I already said that before. I really couldn't care less, I might just give up on Technika for good. This is really dragging me into a dark hole of misery... I care about what people are saying about me. I don't know how to start over, clean slate, just leave the past behind me, forget what I know, and begin my life in the community anew. This is my last post in a thread that bullies me, so just go away...

I got the machine from a Wal-Mart. The arcade owner said nobody was playing it, and put a sticker on it that said for sale. It was 5 grand, pretty good price for a barely used machine in perfect condition. If I had gotten one directly from the manufacturers, it would have been like 20 grand...

Song Description

  • This song's NM chart is the first to compulsively lie in front of peoples faces.
  • Playing this song from 9PM onwards increases your combo with the Graveyard Shift bonus.
  • The MX chart is the secret high boss of the Speedway Set. You have to score 500 grand on stage 3 to access this chart.


  • Nick Max 300 is the hardest song to access, requiring a full combo of D2 MX and special usage of the vibration platform
  • Trying to screenshot/record this song will result in your device not functioning. This is to prevent you from proving you've unlocked this song.
  • Can only play song on Wednesday or in Korea.


Technika Tune 2 Eyecatches