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NieN (real name Jeong Gi-Hyung; 정구현) is a South Korean music composer. He has been contributing for DJMAX since the early days of the series.

NieN's musical style ranges between pop and rock, and not just inbetween. He is capable of producing songs from both genre on the most extreme spectrum. In one side he has created pure K-pop songs like Trip and Private Party, while on the other hand he is responsible for creating the hardcore, metal RoD song series. He also provides vocal for some of his songs, in which he is excels at providing a sweet and rough voice depending on what the song needs.

NieN's proficiency in producing K-pop music can be seen through his experiences with popular K-pop groups. In 2008 NieN participated in Girls' Generation's Kissing You Rhythmer Remix competition and won. He produced a Skool Rock remix for the title song Kissing You, which appeared on Kissing You Rhythmer Remix Volume 1 EP, and Girls' Generation's repackage album Baby Baby. He had hoped that by participating in the competition he could meet Girls' Generation members, but such event didn't happen. Since then NieN had his run-in with various K-pop acts such as Kim Tae-hyun and Infinite.

He is currently a member of band My Sunset, where he plays guitar and produced the band's songs.


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