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Song Information

  • Composer: ND Lee
  • Genre: 2Step Slow
  • Visualization: RB
  • Vocal: ND Lee
  • BPM: 72
  • Length:


Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


DJMAX Portable LR Tunes Liner Notes
Lyrics by Bean

I want someone to get it on
you make it fat it on
I want you know this piece, piece can you know
You wanna make it let me know
to catch , to get to come on
I wat you know that I need to get someone to get someone

I wanna people sing
I want you know that I bet again what I can spend now
Don't wanna people sing
I want you know it's time to get it on
I feel it , you feel it , go feel it , I wanna feel
I feel it I want you make it big now
I want you know that they come on , they come on

Song Description