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LeeZu (Real name Lee Jun Young 이준영; formerly known as P'sycho-Remi) is a South Korean composer who's involved in DJMAX series since DJMAX Technika. He mainly plays metal and hardcore. Sometimes he also sings his own songs, with his harsh voice being his best trademark. Despite looking like a girl in a first glance, LeeZu is definitely a male.

He is a fan of idol group Gfriend and has made a few remixes based on his rock style. The reception of these remixes has been very warm and racking up thousands of views on Youtube.

LeeZu is married to his wife, Chu Ji Hyun. They both moved to countryside and together runs a Youtube show called Country Story of City Couple. Occasionally, LeeZu provides some guitar tutorials on the channel, despite himself having his own separate Youtube channel.


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