Phantom of Sky

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Phantom of Sky.

Song Information

  • Composer: M2U
  • Genre: Fantasy Pop
  • Visualization: Choi , Eter
  • Vocals: M2U
  • BPM: 115
  • Length:


Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Portable 2 OST Liner Notes
Lyric By M2U

지친 내 영혼 하늘에
이끌어 높이 올리면
Blue sky 푸른 하늘에
푹 빠져 해쳐 나오질 못하고

잊고 싶은 시간들
깊이 묻어두고 싶어
숨조차 쉬지 않아도
세상을 안을 수 있으니

For blue sky 아직 먼 곳에 있어도
언젠간 갈 수 있겠지 the sky
작은 꿈을 가져 높은 하늘 바라보며
언젠간 이뤄지길

Let it fly let it go
내 몸이 높이 날도록
Live my life 자유롭게

Let me fine let me fine
언젠가 높은 하늘이 된다면
I want you know

Let it fly let it go
내 꿈은 작지 않아
Still my life 내 삶인걸

Let me fine let me fine
높은 하늘에 서는 그 날에 내려다볼게

Let my tortured soul ascended into heaven
and let it immerse in the blue sky for ever...

forget the time, and buried in the soil
though it makes me can not breathe
but I can embrace the world...

For blue sky, though it is still so far
I believe I will reach the sky someday
I have the dream, and looking at the vast sky
believe that day will come

Let it fly, Let it go, Let me fly high
Live my life, Live freedom
Let me fine, Let me fine
If this day come, I want you know

Let it fly, Let it go
dream never small
Still my Life
Because it is my belief

Song Description


Trilogy - Art of repetition by M2U. Leading string instrument through music brings hallucination.


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