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Planetboom (real name Ham Kyung Min 함경민) is a South Korean musician and was a sound producer for Pentavision. He used to be part of the band Winter Green, but eventually left to focus on his career as a music producer.

Planetboom has been an integral part of DJMAX team since the beginning. He primarily plays rock music, with an influence of pop and funk inbetween. He has developed a distinct style of music which dubbed Planet Core, which is a fast paced rock music with intricate gutar riff. Planetbom also occasionally sings his own songs, but not on a frequent manner like NieN for example.

On March 7, 2009, Planetboom announced his marriage with fellow DJMAX collaborator, vocalist Miya. Songs such as Lovely Hands and especially Raise Me Up displayed a great extent of their chemistry.

In 2013, Planetboom created Planet Team, a small team consisting of small number of Pentavision staff, to develop DJMAX Technika Q. Later in the same year, Planetboom announced on Twitter that he is leaving DJMAX franchise after finished with Technika Q. He still involved in video game industry, now as the chief of Nurijoy, and created Beatcraft Cyclon and Superbeat Xonic with the help from other DJMAX regulars.


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