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DJMAX Portable 2.

DJMAX Portable 2 (Korean: 디제이맥스 포터블 2; abbr. DMP2) is a music video game published and developed by Pentavision, for the PlayStation Portable. This is the second title for the PlayStation Portable from in the DJMAX Portable series, after DJMAX Portable. The game was released on March 30, 2007 in South Korea. Japan got a "localized" version of Portable 2 that had English packaging and manuals.

Game Tracklist

Main article: DJMAX Portable 2:Tracklist There are 61 playable songs in Portable 2, 45 of which are available at the start. 15 more songs are unlockable for play via various methods, and the final remaining song (Your Own Miracle, the title song for Portable 2) is only playable under certain circumstances.


  • A huge graphics upgrade, from DJMAX Portable.
  • A new Fever system, where the number of notes and your score is multiplied when you activate it.
  • A whole new 5 buttons mode.
  • Balanced difficulty, as compared to DJMAX Portable
  • The long notes now add combo for every 8th note (Has been a standard for the successors)

Portable 2 (Arcade)

In the Arcade section, included are: 4 Buttons, 5 Buttons, 6 Buttons, 8 Buttons, Xtreme Challenge (Portable 2), and Options.


Portable 2 Collection Screenshot.

This is where the original soundtrack of the songs are found. Remixes and different versions of the songs and earlier songs of DJMAX are also included in this section.

MV Edition

This is where the original MV of the music is found.


This is where the Image Collection, Video Collection, Disc Collection, Album and Ranking is found.

Link Disc

Limited Edition Pack

Orpheus Package, 2 colors, contains DJMAX Portable 2:OST


Aside from the 3-Disc OST that shipped with the Limited Edition Pack, 2 albums, called DJMAX Portable 2 Vocal Paradigm and DJMAX Portable 2 Vocal Paradigm 2 were (pre-)released.

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