Porter Robinson

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Porter Robinson
Real Name Porter Weston Robinson
Other Name(s) Virtual Self, Ekowraith
Born July 15, 1992
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Nationality American
Years Active 2005–present
Genre(s) Electro house, synth pop

Porter Robinson, also known as Virtual Self, is an American music producer and DJ from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Grammy nominee has been known to venture into various genres of music from EDM bangers to heart-tugging synthpop.


Porter is a self-taught musician and began producing music from a young age of 12. Using the name Ekowraith, he scours internet forums to share his songs. There he met and befriends Hugo Leclerc who used the pseudonym Daemon and Wayne Mont, but will be known later as Madeon. Using Dance Dance Revolution and anime as his biggest influence, Porter released a few complextro musics such as hands up and Say My Name. Say My Name itself reached number one on Beatport and garnered much attention. One of them was from the head of OWSLA music label, Skrillex.

In 2011, Porter signed a one EP deal with OWSLA, releasing Spitfire which topped iTunes Dance Chart and even crashed Beatport's server upon release. In 2012 he released Language, a more dream-like departure from the complextro Spitfire. In the same year, he also released Easy with Mat Zo, and co-wrote Zedd's Clarity as well as providing backing vocals for the song.

At this point, Porter had grown disillusioned by the current condition of EDM music scene which relies on formulaic, timed beats and drops specifically designed to excite people. He spent the next year working on his brand new album, and in 2014 released World. It is a huge departure from his initial style, where it relied much on melodies to invoke a sense of mellow and nostalgia. In 2015, Porter did not release any new music as he was recovering from depression.

Yet in 2016, Porter released a brand new single alongside his best friend Madeon. Shelter is a collaborative work that combines the best from both artists. Also in the same year, anime studio A-1 Pictures released Shelter: The Animation, an anime music video of Shelter starring Sachika Misawa as the lead character Rin.

As Virtual Self

In 2017, Porter launched a brand new musical project titled Virtual Self. He released Eon Break and Ghost Voices under the project, and later also released a self-titled EP. Virtual Self marks another drastic departure from Porter's Worlds style, favoring a more electric and techno sound of 90's and 2000's, and even sounding more similar to Dance Dance Revolution music. Ghost Voices was nominated for 2019 Grammy's Best Dance Recording, in which Porter celebrated by playing three live sets in Los Angeles before the awarding ceremony.

Personal Life

Porter lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, along with his parents and brothers. His older brother, Nick Robinson, was a former video producer at Polygon and is now a viral content creator which often involves traveling to Japan to accomplish a mundane task (eg. to meet the Domino's Pizza Japan director or to see how many people that has been blocked by game director Hideki Kamiya on Twitter). His youngest brother, Mark Robinson, runs a Youtube channel called Oreo Graveyard where he reviews many flavors of Oreo alongside their father.


As Porter Robinson

As Virtual Self

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