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If you want to locate a record of a certain divorce event that transpired in California State, there are two places you can go to in order to get the information you need. You can visit in person to the California Department of Public Health through its Vital Records Section or drop by the office of the Superior Court of the specific county where the dissolution of marriage was approved. Both agencies can give you the data you want but first and foremost, you must identify the precise date of the divorce in order to proceed to the proper bureau and submit your request. The California Department of Health can provide you with details of divorce accounts that took place beginning the year 1962 up to June 1984. The said agency will issue a Certificate of Record as a confirmation that such marital split-up was indeed granted and existed in the state records. For those divorce events that came about after June 1984, records of such can be retrieved from the County Superior Court. If you only need basic information about a divorce incident, or if you would like to verify if a particular marital break-up occurred, then you can make use of the worldwide web and begin your research via the San Diego County divorce records.

The authorized copy and the informational duplicate are the two types of divorce records issued by the state of California. Authorized copies can only be dispensed to individuals or entities as sanctioned by a specific law in California. Such limitation is implemented so as to prevent cases of identity thefts. Those persons or agencies which are not considered eligible to receive authorized replicas are issued informational copies instead. To view a complete list of qualified persons and agencies, you may check the online facilities of your local or state bureaus.

There lies a great importance of being able to provide accurate information about the record you want. Providing inconsistent details may give confusion to office personnel who are working on your request and thus may result to a delay in the processing of the document you want to recover. To begin with your application, it is also vital that you use the specific forms for the type of request you have. To make sure that you know the current fees involved, you can check online or you may contact the appropriate office for clarification.

If payment has been made yet the record you want is not located, you must be aware that there will be no refund given to you. However, you will be given a Certificate of No Record and the money you paid for the processing of your request will be considered as search fee as allowed by a certain California Law.

One can do a lot of research or investigation on very important records other than existing divorce decrees. The general public can make use of the numerous web facilities to find out more about the San Diego County marriage records as well. Utilizing the worldwide web for specific research needs proves to be very helpful for people on the go.