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California arrest records are important documents that will contain the date of arrest, specific violation and the location where the incident happened. They are considered as legal documents with many uses.

Many people obtain records for personal reference. However, the records can also be used for application of certain licenses. Licenses like acquisition of a gun, driver?s license and more may require an updated copy of the record. Companies also ask records from their applicants to know if they have been arrested or not. If you have a clean slate, you can submit the record and up your chances of being hired. Getting a visa or applying for foreign adoption may also require such records to be submitted.

The state public records act allows certain people to obtain the records. The act is also echoed in the California constitution. The records are kept in the California Department of Justice.

Obtaining the records will be easy for people who want their own documents. If they haven?t been arrested before, the record shown will be clear of any items. The said document can then be used for job applications, license and more. However, getting records of other people may prove to be difficult. You need to have a court order to get one and the courts won?t give you one unless there?s a valid reason. Companies on the other hand have to request such documents from the court if they are doing background checks and investigations. There are agencies like the police, investigation firms and more that can obtain records from the DOJ. However they have to get approval first from a court or prove that there is a necessity to get such documents.

Getting records of arrests in California may require that you have information of the subject first. If you?re the owner of the records, just bring any accepted identification to the nearest department of justice. You may also obtain records using information such as date of the incident, location and subject matter. The request will take 10 to 14 days to fulfill so don?t expect to immediately get your records. If it will take more than 14 days, the DOJ will give you a date when to go back and check again. So far, the cost in obtaining records is just 10 cents per page. The cost may increase if you require printed versions which usually happen if your record has been stored in a computer. Fax may also incur some costs but they?re usually charged to telephone bills. Mail service is also an option that will depend on the county of origin.

Sometimes obtaining the arrest record can be time consuming. If you?re just looking for information about possible sex offenders, it?s now possible to search online databases that offer the service. In fact, it?s better to search online because it?s updated and fast. You also don?t have to leave your home and you can search for information in private. Searching for information about sex offenders in your locality is possible due to the Megan?s law.