Running girl

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Running girl
Running girl MVeyecatch.jpg
First Appearance DJMAX RESPECT
Composer(s) Mycin.T
Arranger(s) N/A
Vocal(s) Ssong
Lyrics Mycin.T
Visualization Punew
Red Comet
Genre Pop Rock
BPM 170
Length 1:50
YouTube-play-button.png Youtube BGA

Song Description

Song Analysis

Background Animation

A normal working girl tried not to be late at work by using magic, ended up almost blowing up her office.

Character introduction from official

Darly, the Heroine of 'Running girl'. (illustration by PUNEW)

A wizard girl working at a game company in Pangyo. Her family name is Kim.

21 years old. A wizard. Graduated top of the class from School of witchcraft and wizardry. Works at a game company as a fantasy game designer. Likes stars and enjoys oversleeping. Hates working overtime at night.

Sleeps a lot, when lack of sleep, "Mana" gauge also gets discharged.

Bright, cheerful character wanting to develop a game based on star stories but because there was no game company in her own world so she fled to human world and lives there disguised as human.

Had almost blew up the company building with magic trying not to be late at work.

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances

  • DJMAX RESPECT Original Soundtrack



눈을 떠야 해
또 아침이야
매일 아침 7시가
나를 떠미네

얼른 타야 해
문이 닫힌다
신분당선 판교역에
나를 보내네

수많은 사람들 모습
나를 비추네
떠나자 잊혀진 바랜

가자 Run! Run!
앞만 보고 달려
이제 넌 넌~
나의 손을 잡아
찬란했던 일곱 빛깔
무지갤 찾아서~
한! 번! 더!

뛰어 jump! jump!
푸른 하늘 멀리
날아 점! 점! 위로~
함께 주문을 외워봐
Wingardium Leviosa~~

우아 우아
우아 우아
우아 우아 빨리빨리
우아 우아 가자가자
이러다가 지각하면
오늘밤도 야근이지

안돼! 제발!
집에 갈거야!!


  • The story of BGA is related to Raise Me Up, 별빛정원 (Starlight Garden), Lost Serenity
  • The name of character, Darly, is made by the first two syllables from Korean word, running girl.
  • 대왕 (Daewang) Station, appeared in BGA, has the same exit and direction as Pangyo Station which is near to the headquarter of Neowiz, located on Daewangpangyo-ro (Street name)
  • "Wingardium Leviosa", appeared in the lyric, is a spell of "Levitation Charm" from a famous British fiction "Harry Potter". The effect of the spell is to make object flow and fly.