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STi (스티; real name Chang Seo Hyun 장서현) is a South Korean musician and artist. He is a self-made artist who produced, sang, rap, design, and shoot his own music by himself.

He started his career in hip-hop scene in 2000 by joining group BCR Crew. STi turns to solo career in 2005 by releasing his first album Discovery. This is the album where he did all the work by himself; from producing the song, singing and rap, to the jacket design and music video shooting. Since then STi has been very prolific with his own works and has been constantly churning out songs to this day.

In DJMAX, he first participated with the song Fate in DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition, and would later return in DJMAX Technika 3 with Ghost. STi also has one other track produced for DJMAX, Vacation, which left unused and can be found on DJMAX Portable Black Square soundtrack.


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