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DJMAX Technika 2's Eyecatch for Someday.

Song Information

  • Composer: NieN
  • Genre: 90's Pop
  • Visualization: Chris
  • Vocals: Lee Ji Ae
  • BPM: 136
  • Length: 2:01


  • This song was shortened for a 1:46 arcade length adaptation in Technika 2.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Trilogy OST Liner Notes

밤하늘에 하얗게 빛나는
눈꽃들은 날 위로 하네요
어둠 속에 나 혼자 그대를 기다리면서

들려요 내 가슴 속에서
속삭이는 나만의 고백
그대를 만나는 지금 이 순간이죠

Listen to my heart
어디에 있나요 천년 가득한 기다림을
작은 내 목소리 그대를
들을수 없나요

나를 스치던 바람과
찬란하게 빛나는 하늘
그대 귓가에 전해 줄 수는 없을까요?

긴 하루 보내 준다면
날 기억할까요
아픔 속에서도 돌아와 주겠죠

Listen to my heart
기다려 줄게요 아픔 가득했던 모습을
작은 내 목소리 그대가 들을 수 있도록
기다려 줄께요

Song Description

Trilogy - NieN is representing Trilogy Exclusive Number! Strongly appealing female vocal and heavy guitar lines, let's listen to his new trials.


  • This is the first (and currently, only) Trilogy-exclusive song to be featured outside that setting. While other songs which were only playable within Trilogy (like Zet) are featured as remixes in other DJMAX games, Someday only had a well-edited shortening; the rest of the song remains intact.
  • The Technika 2 eyecatches for Someday sports a fatal error where NieN and Yayoo are credited as the vocalists instead of Lee Ji Ae. NieN and Yayoo are the vocalists of Mindcontrol.
  • Trilogy OST credits vocals to "Name" for Someday. It is unknown if that is an alias of Lee Ji Ae, or just simply another case of sloppy QC on the Trilogy liner notes.


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