Sunny Side (Remix)

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DJMAX Portable 3's PSP Wallpaper for Sunny Side (Remix)

Song Information

  • Composer: CROOVE
  • Arranged/Remixed by: CrooFE
  • Genre: East R&B
  • Visualization: Tiv
  • Vocals: So fly, Rap by JC
  • BPM: 112
  • Length: 1:53


  • This is a playable remix based on Sunny Side by CROOVE.
  • This remix/remake originally was released on DJMAX Portable Retro music album, replacing the original Sunny Side as the first track on the disc compared to DJMAX Portable OST. The length of the original remake was 3:03. Portable 3 OST also contains this remake, while the game itself incorporated it as a playable track, cut down to game length and using the same BGA as the original.

Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Portable 3 OST Liner Notes
Lyrics by JC
I Know, inside, what i like.
You know, this day, oh I'm here now.
I feel, so good. baby tonight
Cause I know that I'm falling in love.
You know the feeling
doesn't come no more
I never knew that I would feel so lonely
I'm so afraid of loving once again
Just wanted you to say that you know

Love, back together, in my life
I feel life and it's so true,
alright cause you
Love, baby, you know it
I guess I'll take all the love in me

Let's ride on the sunny side now
Going out, make you feel inside,
now, come on
Let's go on a trip now feeling the groove
J.C. know I make you move, yeah
That's right.
Bring it back with the soul now hit it back

Just wanted you to say that you know
How many times I love again
Don't you know you're the only one
Now or never let's love

Is you for sure (yeah)
Girl I love you but really don't know
(Didn't know girl, didn't know baby let's go)
Is you for sure (That's right)
Girl I love you but really don't know
(Let's ride on the sunny side, come on)
Is you for sure (is you for sure)
Girl I love you but really don't know
(Yeah back together now, back forever now)
Is you for sure (ahua, yeah)
Girl I love you but really don't know
(Take it back now, break it down now)

Song Description



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