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DJMAX Trilogy's Eyecatch for Syriana.

Song Information

  • Composer:BEXTER
  • Genre: Urban Funk
  • Visualization: Ache
  • BPM:
  • Length:


Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Hot Tunes OST Liner Notes
Lyrics by JC
Let's go, let me enter your done
my cypher, lesson know ,pass it on
no captives, back to back
we gonna rap this, act quick make you drown like a baptist
tap your phones,I snatch your thrones
I gotta get it moving, detach you clones
I top the right spot, fools on my block
when you get em already, let’s go
Let em know now

it’s almost time you know got to move it
for your right you know got to prove it
don’t look back you know it let’s do it
do that, do that now
let’s bomb first

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