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Tap Sonic is a game for iOS, the software that runs on Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The game is developed by Neowiz, and was released in Januaury of 2011. Being developed by Neowiz, it has many DJMAX songs in its soundtrack, as well as K-pop Licenses and one US licence(?).


Screenshot showing Tap Sonic's 4-lane gameplay.

The gameplay of Tap Sonic is much like the DJMAX portable series, where the player hits the falling notes from the screen. However, in Tap sonic, most of the time, the falling notes represents the vocals of the game, reminiscing Konami's "Utacchi".

There are 4, 5, and 6 lanes mode featured in Tap Sonic and in each mode there are three difficulties - "Basic", "Pro", and "Legend".

Tap Sonic currently have two types of notes, blue-coloured regular tap note, and yellow-coloured "Slide" notes. Slide notes can either be one beat, or can be held, depending on what the note says to do.

The player can also purchase a score multiplier (The multiplier depends on your accuracy, going from 2x to 4x on each note individually) or life up during a song, using the game's star points. Star points are awarded for finishing a song, the amount depending on the players grade. The grades can go from F to S, an F grade giving the player 80 star points and a S ranking giving the player 120 star points. The amount in points goes up by 10 in each grade. To unlock songs, the player must complete the newest "Challenge" in the difficulty and lane mode they are in.

Payment System

Tap sonic features a special Payment system that gives the game its profit. When you initially download the game, you are given 300 Music points. Each non-free song costs 15 Music points per play. After the 300 points are spent, the player must purchase more. The amounts a player can buy are:

•1,000 Music Points ($0.99 USD)
•2,000 Music Points ($1.99 USD)
•5,000 Music Points ($3.99 USD)
•10,000 Music Points ($5.99 USD)

The fact that the points are available for USD made the game instantly pick up the attention of foreign players, going as far as making a Korean iTunes account and using their US credit card, which causes some issues, but none are long term. The most that most banks have done are call the account holder about fraud, being that the account is being accessed by someone overseas.


DJMAX original

-Your Own Miracle / Ruby Tuesday
-Access / Sphazer Not available as of 25 Jan
-고백, 꽃, 늑대 / ReX
-고백, 꽃, 늑대 Part 2 / ReX
-Lover / ND Lee
-Miles / Electronic Boutique
-Remember / Lin-G
-Y / ND Lee
-설레임 / ND Lee
-Dear My Lady / Oriental ST8
-Melody / bermei.inazawa , UC
-Sweet Shining Shooting Star / Croove
-Ladymade Star / ESTi
-Syriana / Bexter
-HEXAD / Electronic Boutique
-Outlaw / Croove
-Stop / 3rd Coast
-SuperSonic / Planetboom
-Piano Concerto No.1 / Wav Factory
-D2 / First Aid
-SON OF SUN / Hosoe Shinji
-Whiteblue / Zts
-Fermion / Makou

Tap Sonic original

-Eternal Fantasy (Vocal ver.) / XeoN
-Trip (Tap Mix) / NieN
-Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong (Tap Mix) / DINY
-Watch Your Step / XeoN
-Chemical Slave / XeoN
-Keys To The World (Tap Mix) / Planetboom
-The Guilty (Tap Mix) / P'sycho-Remi
-Xlasher (Tap Mix) / Hosoe Shinji
-La Campanella (Tap Mix) / Cranky
-RockSTAR / Mr.Funky
-SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Tap Remix) / Mr.Funky

External Links

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tapsonic/138938526159985 Official Facebook Page for Tap Sonic
http://mobile.bugs.co.kr/iphone/game/tapsonic Tap Sonic Official Page
http://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/id410172438?mt=8 iTunes Page for Tap Sonic
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHiAXBxjJUk Tap Sonic Gameplay Video