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DJMAX Technika 3 (Korean: 디제이맥스 테크니카 3; abbr.: DMT3) is an arcade music game published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea. This is a sequel to DJMAX Technika 2. DMT3 was first announced on 7 September 2011. Featured artists include CROOVE, NDLee, Tsukasa, Laurent Newfield, TANUKI & KARA.

Technika 3 sports the tagline "Crew Challenge".

Pentavision released the first preview of DJMAX Technika 3 on 16 September 2011.

The gameplay previewwas released on October 18,2011.

Technika 3 was released in Korea on October 27, 2011 and International on 13 December, 2011.

Technika 2 & 3 Platinum Crew service and website will be closed on December 31, 2013.


Game Mode

Technika 3 offers 5 gameplay types:

Star Mixing

The same Star Mixing in Technika 2, Fever is disabled in Star Mixing and instead, replaced with an optional Guide mode which will show a finger to guide you along. Instead of overall rankings, grades are displayed as a score. They may range from 1 - 100, a total difference from the other modes that use letters as judgment for scores.

Pop Mixing

Main article: DJMAX Technika 3:Pop Mixing

The same Pop Mixing in Technika 2, 3 stages per credit and at least 36 songs available in each stage, excluding Max Point Shop unlocks.

Club Mixing

Main article: DJMAX Technika 3:Club Mixing

The same Club Mixing in Technika 2.

Crew Race

Main article: DJMAX Technika 3:Crew Race

The same Crew Race mode in Technika 2.

Crew Challenge

New game mode introduced in Technika 3, it functions almost like Platinum Missions in Technika, giving you certain play set with conditions to achieve in order to pass the challenge. There are 3 types of challenges

Crew Challenge

Main Article: DJMAX Technika 3:Crew Challenge

These are missions that requires a certain amount of crew members to pass the mission to be considered "Cleared", bonus such as "+10% EXP" will be rewarded if all missions are cleared.

Challenge Mission

Main Article: DJMAX Technika 3:Challenge Mission

These are missions just like Platinum Missions in Technika, you are required to pass several songs (w/ or w/o effectors, stated in the mission) meeting certain condition to clear each mission. Reward such as Crew Max Point or Max Point will be rewarded for clearing them.

Special Mission

Main Article: DJMAX Technika 3:Special Mission

These are special event missions. They always introduce the new charts that can only play in the mission at that time. Clearing them reward player Max Points and Crew Max Points.

Platinum Crew

Platinum Crew Service Site

Korea Technika 3 Platinum Crew

International Technika 3 Platinum Crew

Max Point Shop

Main article: DJMAX Technika 3:Max Point Shop

Through the Max Point Shop (MPS), you can use your Max Points earned in Technika 3 to purchase DJ Icons, DJ Plates, DJ Patterns, Note Skins and more importantly, access to future Songs/Disc Sets. All purchases are permanent unlocks. You can also purchase Songs and Crew Buff with Crew Max Points. Crew songs and buffs last for a full 7 days, starting from the point of purchase.


Mode Selection

Song Selection

Crew Challenge

Crew Mission'

Challenge Mission

Special Mission

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