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First and foremost, I would like to extend a thank you to Pentavision, PM Studios, Mike Yum and Steve Yum for their hard work and devotion in bringing the DJMAX Technika franchise stateside. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this would be the start of my foray into a much wider group of friends and like minded individuals who loved music rhythm games, and the evolution of my personal life in a very grand way. This led to the site you're reading this on now, Cypher Gate Wiki - which was made with the explicit purpose of cataloguing everything DJMAX, because I love this game that much.

A personal story:

I stumbled onto Technika at Chinatown Fair, our local arcade in the New York City area, completely blown away by what was the most innovative experience in music games I've ever experienced. This game was the focus of my social life for years going forward. Every single day, I would go straight to Chinatown Fair and sink hundreds of dollars into an offline Technika 1 machine in pursuit of the #1 ranking on scores in Pop Master and Technical Mixing sets. The music, the fun, the need to get better at the game and failing SO much at Son of Son HD because that was the hardest song at the time. I kept going. I met new people who were also blown away and pulled into this game, this was our common interest. Longing for more of this game, we nearly went so far as to volunteer to pay for the arcade's internet to get this machine online and get our hands on new content.

Eventually, we did, and that was the beginning of Technika lighting up everywhere, Facebook groups being made, rushing to unlock song tokens and clear mission mode. It had begun. It was so fun, the people were great, everyone supported each other, tournaments in the New York / New Jersey area were thriving and the camaraderie was overwhelmingly fun, no drama - just happiness when someone cleared a new chart.

I didn't get to play Technika 2 or Technika 3 that much, solely because adult life sucks and this happens, but I've retained all of my friends I've met along the way, and some of them are the reason I am where I am in my life right now, in a very good place.

Thank you: To everyone who had utilized Cypher Gate Wiki for ANYTHING DJMAX related. Thank you so much, this wiki was made for just that, and by spreading anything on DJMAX, I've succeeded in sharing the only thing I love for everyone else to enjoy and experience. Thank you to the staff of the wiki, the contributors, the admins, the bureaucrats, you know who you are. Website traffic to this wiki has been nothing short of astronomical - which is fantastic. I wanted to provide a source of information free of ads and slowness to anyone with an internet connection, all on my own dime and I don't regret it at all.

Cypher Gate Wiki will not be going anywhere, it will remain up - period. Technika isn't the end of DJMAX, It's the end of a chapter - and the remaining ones are still being written, by those who bring the game to us, and us, who demand more DJMAX.

If you don't know who I am - I go by Equinox, I've been playing Technika since it's mostly stateside inception and know a lot of you who will probably not read this entire rant, but you should know that everyone who has played this game, has influenced everyone around them who has played it, and a lot of you have influenced me. I am glad to have met every single person I've played Technika with, regardless of whether or not we still communicate or not.

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