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DJMAX Technika Tune's Eyecatch for The MAX.

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Good evening ladies and gentleman, Whar you're about to get here

is real, Get into the beat, to the groove with Mr.ND Lee on the track

Now let's have some fun with DJMAX

This time, I'll tell you how I feel

I'll die of boredom if I have to stay home all day

Mind out, you're in the way there now

So, my heart just seems to be missed a beat when I saw your light

You must enjoy your light now

To date, you're never felt the groove in the world

Anywhere, anytime dance party

Let me show you playing the max light now

I want to do it in my life, wanna DJMAX, wanna DJMAX

I want to do one more time, gonna DJMAX, gonna DJMAX

Now It's a happening all over the place

Music's bump in my ear with the super bass

Time, next time I'mma get off this train

My destination this town will never be the same

This time's the right time for a session

Come on B-Real time for some action

What you got what you got I'm curious to know

Don't you hold back you gotta let everyting go

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