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DJMAX Technika's eyecatch for Thor

Song Information

  • Composer: XeoN
  • Genre: Melodic Trance
  • Visualization: ECO (Technika 2) / Stato, HooN (Technika Tune)
  • BPM: 147
  • Length: 1:51


Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Song Description


  • This song doesn't have a proper BGA in Technika 1; instead it reuses the BGA from Access. It was given its own BGA on Technika 2 by ECO and KIMYS.
  • Thor's Technical (HD) Pattern is famous for its barrage of 16th Normal Notes which is very challenging to clear especially without the help of glitch plays.
  • It was one of the hardest songs to unlock in DJMAX Technika 1. the Popular pattern only appears at weekly courses and appears randomly at Randomizer Set. The Technical Pattern can only be played as a boss song at Conqueror Set if you get a total percentage of 96% on the first 3 songs. It also appeared once as a part of the Christmas Special Event course.
  • Thor was given a brand new eyecatch and BGA in DJMAX Technika Tune that features a... different take on the titular god (or rather, goddess!) of thunder.


Technika Eyecatches

Technika Tune Eyecatch

Youtube BGA - (Technika 2)
Youtube BGA - (Technika Tune)