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Yatoki Tsukasa.

Yatoki Tsukasa (矢鴇つかさ), sometimes known simply as Tsukasa, is a Japanese composer who started his musical career as far as 2002. As the sole member of Sound Online circle, Tsukasa has released various doujin music album, remixing songs from various video games such as Ragnarok Online, Touhou Project, and Kantai Collection. Tsukasa also released his original songs through this circle. Some of these original songs are featured in DJMAX games.

He is perhaps most well-known as one of Arte Refact member, a professional songwriting circle working in Japanese anime industry. Tsukasa has produced songs for various animes such as Saki, Needless, Seikon no Qwaser, Infinite Stratos, Majikoi, Fairy Tail, Garakowa, and many others.

Aside from DJMAX, Tsukasa has also featured in various music/rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution, jubeat, maimai, Cytus, Groove Coaster, The [email protected], and Ensemble Stars.

As Sound Online member, Tsukasa has released the following original albums.


Tsukasa Portable 2 logo.

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