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Other diabetes natural remedies includeBlood Sugar Formula using herbs. Certain herbs are effectively fighting the complications of diabetes and others contain substances that lower the blood sugar. Gymnema is such an herb that helps control the level of blood sugar. It should be used cautiously by patients on an insulin therapy and it is recommended that they are monitored by a doctor. Cinnamon is also effective in diabetes. Studies have shown that glucose in the blood significantly drops in patients who have taken cinnamon extract supplements for a few weeks.

Aloe Vera gel, although mostly known for its ability of treating burns and wounds, also appears to have a blood sugar lowering action. There are also other herbs that help diabetes suffers, such as fenugreek, bitter melon, garlic or onion. Nature is giving use very powerful remedies. All it takes is to use them wisely.

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she usually panics because not the disease itself, but its possible complications are extremely frightening. Diabetes can lead to serious health conditions like damage of the blood vessels; heart disease, kidney failure, eye problems, leg and foot problems. Even though this might sound very scary, with an effective diabetes management, complications can be avoided. All diabetes patients must fully understand that in order for them to live with this disease and to enjoy many years of life, they have to do some important changes. Of uttermost importance in managing diabetes and in lowering the hazards of complications are the medication, the diet and the physical activity.