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Len (aka Raydere and Ray) is an editor of the Cypher Gate Wiki, and a DJMAX series player.

He started playing the series in 2006, through DJMAX Online, then got into the DJMAX Portable series a few months later. Like other DJMAX Technika players in the San Francisco Bay Area, his first brush with Technika was in December 2008 at the Sunnyvale Golfland location test.

He is an opponent of gratuitously using Fever when not needed (i.e. Break and Judgment missions), and prefers to play the Portable games and DJMAX Trilogy without Fever, aiming for high percentages instead of a high score, a custom carried over from playing Beatmania IIDX. In Technika 2, he initially attempted to use it, but with the release of Crew Race mode (in which records have Fever bonus subtracted), he has found incentive to once again do no-Fever runs.

Currently he plays Portable 3, Technika 2, and Trilogy.

Raydere plays Technika 2 at Sunnyvale and Milpitas Golflands, and is the leader of the Bay Area-based crew Social Link GO. Most of the crew's representative courses consist of level 5~7 songs with post-combo scores of around 290,000-297,000 each.

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