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Hello! I've been playing DJMAX since Technika 3 days, and from there I've played another DJMAX titles on PSP and PC. Although I haven't played any more DJMAX game right now, DJMAX is still one of many memorable games I've played. It opens me to the sub-mainstream Korean pop culture.

Contributing to this site is such a blast. I really like to hunt for infos and trivias from Korean sources, even though I'm not familiar with the language. From there I get to know lots of fascinating and outrageous facts from people behind the DJMAX games. It's unfortunate that I could only sign up this late, but I guess it's better than cannot sign up and not contribute at all.

DJMAX is a rhythm game that's different than any other similar games for the fact that there's so much details and quality poured by the staffs. Over the game's releases you can feel the build quality seems to go higher and higher, and the musical craftsmanship is unparalleled. It is a game that not only rhythm game enthusiast can enjoy, but also something popular masses and music aficionados can get into.

Check my Twitter page on @mcatrane and my facebook too (please PM me first so I know you come from Cypher Gate).


  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • DJMAX Games Played: Technika 3, 2, 1; Clazziquai Edition, Black Square, Portable 3, 2, 1, Fever, Hot Tunes; Trilogy, Ray
  • T3 DJ Name: I forgot... probably MCATRANE too.
  • T3 Crew: None, I didn't join any crew.
  • T3 Arcade Locations: Bandung Trade Center, Istana Plaza
  • T3 DJ Gear: If I'm not mistaken it looks like T3 Icon Egg 4.pngT2 Plate Sky Blue Plate 1.pngT2 Pattern Bubble.PNG
  • Favorite DJMAX Artist: Clazziquai Project, 3rd Coast, NieN, Croove, BJJ
  • Favorite DJMAX Song: Trip, Only For You, Creator, Love Mode, Miles, EGG, Y, Closer, Jealousy, Remember
  • Artist you'd wish to appear in DJMAX: Why SNSD of course. You can start with the ones produced by BJJ or even the Kissing You Skool Rock Remix made by NieN. Also Baby Baby is so damn similar to First Kiss.
  • Your Ideal DJMAX Game: Something a casual player like me would enjoy, with a lean learning curve. That's why I liked Clazziquai Edition so much. ALSO A NEW DJMAX GAME ON PC, COME ON NEOWIZ.
  • DJMAX-related fact about myself: Not actually about me but I got a friend who is a professional comic artist who admitted her comic title is similar to My Heart, My Soul, but denied created the comic inspired from the song.

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