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The hunter prepares for the hunt long before heading Overnight Millionaire System out. He is dressed right, knows where his game likes to eat, or hang out. The hunter never goes out without a gun, bullets or proper gear for bagging his game. What is the point of seeing a 10 point buck and not having a bullet. This is the champion salesman, the outside rep that lives for commissions.

On the retail floor we fish, Hobby Lobby has "50% off" all the time but you never know on what (fly fishing anyone?). Can you be a hunter? Can you at least move to the Professional bass level or deep sea level? In our office we only hire hunters. It is much harder to teach a fisherman to hunt. Hunters please apply within. Success comes when we get fed up with losing, and when the realization of the fact that we are capable of performing better and achieving our set goals, finally hits home.

We all have what it takes to become successful. If you were not good at school, God has given you a gift or something to compensate that. So there is no need of getting all worked up because you do not think that you are as good as so and so. Understand that your environment determines if you will achieve personal growth. Ensure that the people you relate with are not distracting you from your achieving your set goals. You should be in an environment that challenges you to be successful, attain self development and thus become a better person.