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All types of diabetes are treatable from StrictionBP when insulin became medically available, but there are no methods to cure for the frequent types except pancreas transplantation, while gestational diabetes generally will be resolved after delivery. Diabetes and its treatments will lead to various complications. Poor wound healing, mostly those on the feet, leads to gangrene, probably require amputation. In order to improve the causes of the most of the chronic complications you should take adequate treatment, along with better emphasis on control of blood pressure and avoiding habits like smoking and maintain a healthy body weight.

In this developed world, it is the most important cause of adult blindness and non-traumatic amputation, and diabetic nephropathy is the major illness that is requiring renal dialysis in US.Since it is the most prevailing disease today it is very much necessary to take measures from the stage of childhood itself as it cannot be cured completely. You should know the causes for diabetes and try to be conscious to avoid the problem.

Diabetes is a disease that raises the glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream to higher than normal levels. Diabetes can be caused by a person's body being resistant to insulin (a hormone responsible for metabolizing glucose), or if a person's pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to sustain bodily functions. Whatever the reason, it is essential to keep control over your blood sugar levels; failure to do so could create serious health issues, including ending up in a diabetic coma. The best diet for diabetics is a topic that has caused a lot of arguments and debate.