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Foods that are rich in vitamin B2 are bananas, tomatoes, citrus Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook fruits, milk, almonds and green leafy vegetables. Nowadays, glasses without lens are very popular. Many fashionable people get to wear them, because they are cheap and beautiful. They have different colors, different styles and different designs, so with glasses, we can also have a lot of different styles, matching with different dress and decorations.

Lens-less glasses are beautiful on some people and can make people look different. But of course, some other people do not look so good on them, for example, I look very awkward on the glasses. So in my opinion, some little-face people should not wear glasses of large rims. When people wear glasses, they should collocate with some certain clothes and decorations. Only by doing this, can the glasses be made the most of the advantage. In a word, not all people are suitable to wear this kind of glasses, and with this kind of glasses, we should dress up for ourselves.

With the glasses, I thought apart from some advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Of course, the glasses give people who like beauty a good chance to make up themselves. People become more elegant and maybe more confident in some degree. For some stars, this kind of glasses can cover the dark pouches caused by tiredness. But as to the bad aspects, the eyeglasses can bring a lot of inconvenience to people. Many people wear them just because they want to be beautiful, with no other reasons. Some even wear lens-less glasses as well as contact lens, because they are shortsighted.