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personal info

  • DJ Name: Xephy-N
  • Age: 19
  • Crew: CLUBUNYU (Technika 2), AngelFairy (Technika 3)
  • Occupation: 1st year college student
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Favourite foods: Japanese foods (especially salmon fish related foods; except sushi and sashimi), Haagen-Dazs' Choc Choc Chip ice cream
  • Favourite beverages: plain tea, mineral water, orange juice, lemon tea
  • Favourite artists: KARA, Girls' Generation, 2NE1, 3rd Coast, Forte Escape, NieN, etc.
  • Favourite songs: hmm.. so many to explain, but these of my favourites are Trip (NieN), Thor and Watch Your Step (XeoN) :)
  • Blog address: Ameba; Candy by Ameba


Well, I started to play Technika because I love DJMAX series, hehe. I'm also making simfiles for StepMania (usually the chart is pad-friendly but now I'm trying to make keyboard-friendly one) but for now I don't have any time to upload it since I'm having a lack of Internet connections. T^T

current Technika 3 status and collections

Status Xephstatus.PNG

Collections Xephlibrary.PNG