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* [[DJMAX Technika 3]]
* [[DJMAX Technika 3]]
* [[DJMAX Technika Tune]]
* [[DJMAX Technika Tune]]
== Soundtrack Appearances ==
== Soundtrack Appearances ==

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DJMAX Technika 3's Eyecatch for Xeus.

Song Information

  • Composer: XeoN
  • Genre: Melodic Trance
  • Visualization: UKYO, HooN
  • BPM:
  • Length: 2:10

Game Appearances

Soundtrack Appearances


Song Description


  • The original intended title for Xeus is "Zeus".
  • This song is meant to be the successor of Thor.
  • Xeus was composed around variation of a piano to match it's successor, Thor being orchestrated in the texture around synth.
  • The name of the girls are Ada (blonde) and Rebecca (brown) while the gang that they're chasing after is named 'Sound Breaker' with it's member Fanatic and it's leader, John Griffin.
  • There are misspelled words in the BGA as well as grammar errors:
    • "My" is misspelled as "Myt".
    • The word "Don't" has a space between the ' and the letter "n".
    • "Please" is misspelled as "Pleae".
    • "She was a smart and indigenous guy." The word 'girl' (or woman) is supposed to be in the sentence rather than 'guy'.
    • "But now she' s gone in vain..." There is a space between the ' and the s while both are supposed to be together.
    • "I shall break' Sound Breaker' into pieces." The first ' is supposed to be close to the word "Sound".
    • "If a can knock you down here..."The word "a" is supposingly the misspelling of "I".
    • There are also double spaces between words as well while there should be only a single space.
    • There are also many unorthodox expressions to be found in the text.
    • Sadly, these errors were carried over to DJMAX Technika Tune.
  • In this song's BGA,someone(XeoN?)'s anger towards the current situtation of DJMAX is possibly implied.

Just watching what are happening! Hundreds of thousands of people are spending dreadful days just to make pieces of melodies which are thought to be beautiful to you guys. Of course I am neither a revolutionist nor a humanitarian. I just hate you guys who try hard to defend the disgusting justice as loyal guards of the goverment.

  • In this song's BGA, two artists and two bands are mentioned. They are "Black Sabbath", "Nine Inch Nails", "Eminem", and "Mariah Carey" as mentioned in the following line in the BGA:

Warning, a song by Black Sabbath on the album Black Sabbath. The Warning, a song by Nine Inch Nails on the album Nine Inch Nails. The Warning (Eminem Song), a song by Eminem, released as part of a conflict with Mariah Carey. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link.

  • The eyecatch and the BGA of Xeus are totaly different. It is considered that this song's BGA is changed due to certain reasons.
  • This song's HD chart is the second released chart to break the 1000 MAX Combo barrier with a MAX Combo of 1115.
  • This song's MX chart is the first released chart to break 1000 notes with 1026 notes.
  • This song is one of the three hardest songs in the whole Technika series. (The other two being Cypher Gate and D2.)
  • This song is the current reigning champion of being the hardest song of the Technika series. (Cypher Gate was originally the hardest song before D2 took the spot. Then this song took D2's spot and is now the hardest song to date.)


Technika 3 Eyecatch

Youtube HD BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltDibnLQ_9c