You Should Get Over Me

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DJMAX Technika 3's Eyecatch for You Should Get Over Me.

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Leave my keys in the hallway

And close that door

Don't wanna hear that you're hurtin'

Won't pet you anymore

I was blind, too numb to see

Just what our life turned out to be

I had to get out

You burnt the inside of me

You should get over me

I don't want your company, or anything

Dry your tears 'cause we were

Never meant to be

You should get over me

I don't need your misery, you make me sick

Dry your tears and move on

You should get over me

Song Description


  • This was one of five songs that was licensed for Technika 3 (not including the KARA songs) from Liberty Music Trax. The other four are In the Tdot, Ooh La La, Just For Today, and Victim of Love.
  • The girl's name is Helena Kerwin according to the video


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