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DJMAX Portable 3's PSP Wallpaper for Your Smile.

Song Information


Game Appearances

(All songs included in Technika are also in Technika 2 unless stated otherwise)

Soundtrack Appearances


Portable 3 OST Liner Notes
Roseline - Your Smile


이제야 찾있어 너의 목소리
눈물속에 고이는 꿈결 같은 너의 미소

언제나 Every Day, Every Night
스쳐간 시람중에 니가 있을 것 같아

이~ 나는 니가 마음에 들어와
난 언제나 늘 모자른
너를 향한 나의 마음

한번더 헤아려 지우려 해도
좀처럼 지워지지 않는 슬픈 너의 향기

그렇게 Every Day, Every Night
사랑스런 너를 쫓아 그곳으로 가고파

난 정말 어지러워 Your Eyes

난 언젠가 보여줄게 <br너를 향한 나의 사랑

Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes

어둠속에 들렸던 너 의 숨소리
세상 속의 빛을 모아 모두 네게 주고 싶어
Any Day, Any Time
지겨워진 내 마음속위 흔적들을 가져가

I will never stop
You always in my life
이젠 너를 기억하지 않는
Your Eyes, yeah

한참 기다렸어 너의 한마디 말
오래 멈쳐 왔던 꿈결같은 너의 미소

미소, 미소, 미소, 미소...


Your voice finally got right through to me
And I hear everything even when I cannot see you
Now I'm hoping every day and every night
That voice will come together with those two perfect eyes
Is my heart not enough for you?
Take my mind
Will that be enough for you?
Show me your eyes, your eyes

I'm here to tell you that I've been wrong before
Everybody else is gone and I'm the only one still standing
I'll keep waiting every day and every night
That smile will turn my way always with those perfect time
Is my heart not enough for you?
Take my mind
Will that be enough for you?
Show me your eyes, your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes

Just say the right thing and I will be right there
One simple word, one simple smile is all we really need now
Any day and any night
I'll just be waiting oh so anxiously for that smile
I'll never stop loving your eyes in my life
Now I never forget your smile and your eyes
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Hey now, where are you now?
Hey now, I'm here right now
And I'll always be here for you
Never again would I ever ever leave you
Your smile
Your smile
Your smile

Song Description

Portable 3 - Beautiful vocals and pop synth come come together in this fantastic new song!


  • Kim Min Jung, the vocalist of this song, also provided vocals for another DJMAX Portable 3 song which is Waiting for the Sun.
  • The male character in the BGA is based and modeled after Z_B.
  • Letters, words and/or sentences that appear in the BGA are the following:
    • The letters ("AVE") embedded on the train is an acronym for Alta Velocidad Española, which is a service of high-speed trains in Spain.
    • The female character's cap contains a "PENTA LABEL" label.
    • Her shirt also contains the sentence "Those who meet must part"
    • The texts that appear in the BGA are:
Many things happened to us
Especially, because we could not understand
each other, harsh things happened
Now that was long ago,
but I cannot forget the time during
which the whole world seemed different
Even if we meet again, I know we will never able to go back to that time
You said, "those who meet must part".
I couldn't agree more
I am sorry that I didn't make a good impression of myself
the last time we ever saw each other
I hope that you will be happy
and everything works out for you
If I see you again,
I think I will be able to talk about the past with a smile


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