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DJMAX Portable Black Square.

DJMAX Portable Black Square (Korean: 디제이맥스 포터블 블랙 스퀘어, DMP BS) is a music game for the PlayStation Portable developed by South Korean developer Pentavision released on December 24, 2008. This is the fourth major game of the DJMAX series released for the PlayStation Portable. The game includes various enhancements and new features built on from DJMAX Portable 2 and DJMAX Portable Clazziquai Edition. The original aim was to launch the game in November, however due to numerous bugs found in Clazziquai Edition, the release of Black Square was postponed.


Game Tracklist

See DJMAX Portable Black Square:Tracklist for a list of playable music.

There are 49 playable songs in Black Square, 46 of which are unlockable normally. Of the remaining 3, HAMSIN is unlockable via Link Disc with Portable, and DIVINE SERVICE is unlockable via link disc with Portable 2. The remaining song, Son of Sun (Full version),4B and 6B is playable in Club Tour mode, while 5B is available on 5B arcade mode on the second stage.


Club Tour

Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Club Tour Mode


Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Arcade Mode



Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Collection Mode

Collection is a gallery of unlocks that have been attained via gameplay. It includes Internet Ranking, Play Data which highlight highest scores for sets and individual songs in Arcade mode, along with Club Tour Emblem, Image, and Movie unlocks attained. A progress bar along the top of the screen displays completion rate, in percentage, of the entire game's unlocks.


Link Disc

Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Link Disc Mode

Link Disc allows the Black Square game engine to detect other DJMAX Portable UMDs and do various cool things upon certification of existence. Inserting the Portable 1 and 2 UMDs unlocks goodies for Black Square itself. Link Disc with Clazziquai Edition allows players to swap in the Clazziquai Edition UMD and play the songs of that game, along with Black Square exclusive song patterns (song difficulties), even RD patterns.


Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Album Mode

Album is a pseudo-OST accessible from within Black Square that allows playback of unlockable audio tracks of the game's music. The songs' BGAs are also viewable via this mode along with short descriptions of each song. This should not be confused with the physical, 4-Disc OST bundled with the Limited Edition of the game.

Limited Edition Pack

Main article: DJMAX Portable Black Square:Quattr4 Limited Edition Pack

A limited edition pack called DJMAX Portable Black Square Limited Edition Pack (Quattr4) was released. It contained the original video game along with 4-Disc OST, 2 speakers, a artbook called ILLUSION DJMAX Metro Project Visualisation Book, a new year's card, a Platinum Crew Technika membership card and 3D paper figurines.


At 505 plays, The game will display a message stating that "New OST Keys to the World has been Unlocked", however you will have unlocked "Fury" instead. This continues for unlocking the rest of the OSTs in "Square" disk.

Similarly, when "Little Bird Note" is "unlocked," you actually unlock "The Bird inside the egg," and vice versa.

Yet another labelling error occurs in Album mode, in the video BGAs - the in-video track information for "Super Lovely" and "Real Overdrive" are swapped, despite showing correctly in all other locations.

Platinum Crew Patch

Members of the Platinum Crew were given access to two different updates for Black Square.

The first update fixes a bug in the 6B Stage Mode which caused the same 2 songs to appear for all 3 stages.

The second update fixes a bug in Link Disc with Clazziquai Edition. When unpatched, the explosion graphics that occur when the note is hit does not appear. The patch fixes this bug, making explosions appear when a note is hit.

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