DJMAX Technika 3:10th MPS Update

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T3 Update 10th.jpg


Max Point



Angel NM

Out of CTRL NM

You should get over me MX

Disc Set

EGG Extended

DJ Icon

T3 Icon Heartbeatpt2 1.png T3 Icon Ghost 1.png T3 Icon Alifewithyou 2.png T3 Icon Darkprism 4.png T3 Icon Dreamagain 3.png T3 Icon Dreamagain 4.png

T3 Icon Emblem 3.png T3 Icon Fallinginluv 7.png T3 Icon Fallinginluv 8.png T3 Icon Fallinginluv 9.png T3 Icon Kungfurider 2.png T3 Icon Myheartmysoul 2.png

T3 Icon Myheartmysoul 3.png T3 Icon Nowanewday 4.png T3 Icon Nowanewday 5.png T3 Icon Outofctrl 3.png T3 Icon Showdown 6.png T3 Icon Showdown 7.png

T3 Icon Victimoflove 1.png T3 Icon Watchyourstep 2.png T3 Icon Xeus 3.png T3 Icon Youshouldgetoverme 1.png

DJ Pattern

T3 Pattern Alifewithyou 1.png T3 Pattern Angel 1.png T3 Pattern Blackswan 1.png T3 Pattern Blackswan 2.png

T3 Pattern Creator 2.png T3 Pattern Darkprism 1.png T3 Pattern EGG 1.png T3 Pattern Emblem 2.png

T3 Pattern Firstkiss 3.png T3 Pattern Firstkiss 4.png T3 Pattern Ghost 1.png T3 Pattern Giveme5 2.png

T3 Pattern Heartbeatpt2 1.png T3 Pattern Justfortoday 2.png T3 Pattern Nowanewday 2.png T3 Pattern Nowanewday 3.png

T3 Pattern Showdown 4.png T3 Pattern Showdown 5.png T3 Pattern Victimoflove 2.png T3 Pattern Xeus 1.png

T3 Pattern Youshouldgetoverme 1.png

DJ Plate

T3 Plate Gradient Black.png T3 Plate Gradient White.png T3 Plate Gray Gradient.png T3 Plate Light Gray Gradient.png

T3 Plate Nameplate.png T3 Plate White Grid.png T3 Plate White Plastic.png T3 Plate Brick Pattern.png

T3 Plate Black Diagonal.png T3 Plate Gray Triangle.png

Crew Max Point


Songs purchased under this section are available to all members of the crew for the week.

Ghost HD


Fallin' In Luv MX

Feel Ma Beat MX

Leave Me Alone MX

Victim of Love HD

Disc Sets

Sound Lab Set

Other Updates

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