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DJMAX Technika 2's Eyecatch for Put Em Up.


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I know we got it than more than expected
All that cities speed with aloft exit
I've bought electricity
Your best seat and your hands
Real freeze wait I'm shocking like electric
All girl say
Quick in the back seat
Keeping up your feet up upon
Can you now split?
I got a hundred more flavors than Nesquik
Well that's quick
Then make a worksheet
At your commencement
I set trance on stage
When you'll giving it the age
And come here and get to heard it from my bestfriends
And bet you'll naturally escape
Perfecting with the aim
Correcting what I'm saying from the West bands
Roxanne and you in a rockband
And then in your heart
Get to take it up and drop, man
Stop meddling so I can bring the human
You need to get that vet up so shut that ad up, stupid! (Oh!)

I'm the hottest girl here around
I rate shows
Stay still
Till ya twirl around
Don't mistake it
Imma make it
Imma tell you now
Build yourself a new house
Like it's burnin down (there's no bounce in my scene)
I don't care what ya heard
I don't care what ya know
Listen to this girl as
She's tearin the floor
I'm rarin' to go
We're preparin' for shows
You get that I rap when you're there in the house (Oh!)
Now you know I got skills
Keeping in buzzing in my nose
And rock fill in the street
Then again when rappers rock fill within streets
With some multiple hits
He's not in
At sunshine you'll heard nothing but begin here with my voice
I know you'll heard perfection, you can hear it in my voice
People's choice
Roxanne the beat, beats
You'll carry on them strongly
Bringing heats to the streets (yeah)

Song Description

Portable 3 - Makou's new Hip-Hop hit with a live-action video by DumpingLIFE.



Technika 2 Eyecatches

Portable 3 PSP Wallpapers

Youtube BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC20MfySHb4
Youtube HD BGA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp-YpyjplU0
Making of video - http://vimeo.com/36268467

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